In this complicated world where people are puzzled towho they are really are andwho they want to be, there comes another barrier of identifying yourself and with your orientation. With varied choices of orientations becoming normal and acceptable with due consent of marriage; people have keenly adopted confused and versatile forms of lifestyle. This might be a menace for society but it has been a radical innovation for fashion. The metrosexual and the androgyny style of dressing is a result of the openness and acceptance of such cultures. The androgynous style in particular catches my attention, this unisex style has its presence since thirty years and has been experimented by copying styles of musicians like boy George,Michal Jackson and celebrities like Katherine Moenning to name a few. 

Katherine Moenning : Michael Jackson : Boy George

Our fashion has always been influenced and has cultivated its way upwards with the success of films and their stars. The characters instigate the first seed of the trends and styles and their popularization over years depicts its growth and acceptance. And like another, androgyny also sparked off on the same lines.Beginning from movies that celebrate sexual confusion like ‘phantom ofthe paradise’ where males played Most of the female temptresses and others , like Annie hall where Diane Keaton popularized the look of female resembling a male. Sex and the City’s most recent movie shows again the fashion that elevates the power of women with a range of gorgeous styles to suit all tastes. Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker wears an androgynous style outfit that highlights the popularity of this style in fashion to hit the streets either at work or play.



Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the City

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall : Charlie in ‘Charlie & the chocolate factory’

Back in the days, when women were compelled to fight the war,women started wearing trousers and the concept slighty emerged, followed by Madame Coco Channel who rebelliously broke all norms and dressed androgynous. Her structured and tailored style of a skirt with a masculine jacket in tweeds changed the existing mindset and brought androgyny another step closer. You can see her masculine feminine style in the movie ‘Coco Avant Channel’.

Coco Chanel

Audrey Tatou as chanel in‘Coco avant chanel’

Another androgynous icon is queen of the air Amelia Earhart, she rode solo over the Atlantic’s in 1930’s and her fashion was masculine as her profession. She clad in leather jackets, silk ties, and slim trousers, the tomboy ushered in an era of independence for women which was until then confined to corsets and sitting rooms. She was the first to step into men’s shoes and pioneer the skies and also the aviators look. She also took to designing a line of active-wear long before celebrity fashion design was a popular phenomenon. She has been an inspiration for many designers and stylists like Hermes (2009 Autumn/winter collection) and Flavia de Oliveira’s shoot in Elle spain celebrating the rugged masculine style.

Amelia Earhart

Aviator look inspired from Amelia Earhart & Hermes A/W 2009

Flavia de Oliveira’s shoot in Elle spain

Many other designers, photographers, stylists have been inspired by the trend and created their own versions of artistic masterpieces. For more inspiration you can also check out, Paul smith autumn/winter 2006 collection, Hugo boss fall/winter 2010 advertisement campaign and celebrities like Victoria Beckham for Harper’s bazaar, Amanda Peet and Kate Bosworth at current new York fashion week.

Hugo Boss Fall/winter 2010 campaign

Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet at New York Fashion Week

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2006 collection

For women androgynous fashion is a boon, one can look sharp and confident, hence they can be taken more seriously and appear independent.Androgyny for women does not literally mean suits; one can go very versatile with the trend. For example, leather jackets, trench coats, biker boots, ties to add that masculinity. The boyfriend blazer teamed with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, leather jacket with a lace top or ruffles with jeans and biker boots or a well-tailored dress in a manly fabric with pinstripes, plaids or tweeds can all be modern androgynous fashion. Traditional and other ways of achieving the look can include women cropping their hair, power dressingin suits, adding male accessories like hats with brims, boots and loafers, tuxedo style jackets and vests.

For men, androgyny comes harder; there is a thin line between men dressing unisex and looking feminine. Androgynous fashion for men originated way back in the 17th century where men’s clothing had several similarities with women clothing like lace trims, embroideries and other details. But this faded away slowly and is now making a subtle come back. These days, men have various options when it comes to adopting this trend like draped trousers, bootcut pants, t shirts with cowls,skinny jeans and other intricate detailing: all these are a way of adding some feminity to men’s clothing. Other ways can be, keeping long hair like Michael Jackson, men’s kilts, harem pants, use of softer and printed fabrics, using pastel colours, asymmetry are all means of bringing androgyny back to men’s fashion.

Womens and mens trends are unisexual like this season, it is pop colour trousers,cartoon and animated graphics on tee’s, brogues, loafers, drop crotch trousers, loose and draped silouhettes, blazers,scarves and many such others.

Few Androgynous Looks:

So guys ..try and experiment with this unisex style of fashion and discover a whole new interesting approach to dressing. You can look powerful, sophisticated, confident or just extremely stylish and iconic amongst your friends and colleagues.



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