The Dance of Thought: A photoshoot

Desires, dreams and thoughts: we all are a part of a mysterious journey, where our unsatisfied wish list meets no bounds. It’s indeed pleasurable to be in a world where there are no hardships of life, a world that is unreal and joyful, that is uncomplicated and aspiring: at several points in our lives, we want to experience this feeling.  So guys, get ready to view this journey with me through my eyes with the photoshoot and imagine all the beautiful moments of your life.


The pure indulgence into a whimsical world, where the world is a better place, where she sings and dances to the joy of life. Her pure white sensual dress flows in the air as she moves and her flowerchild appearance gives her the demure honest spirit ..

she releases peace and love…

I have a dream…a song to sing…I Have a dream a song to sing.….I believe in angels of a fairytale…..i cross the stream..i have a dream…………

The Abba song playing in her head and she sings the lyrics again and again and again….

It is the story of a girl lost in her thoughts, sometimes happy, ecstatic and sometimes frozen and numb. The movement and expression are out there, she does not hold back from exploring her inner self, her aspirations and her fantasies.

She is youthful and courageous; she opens her eyes to the beauty of life, her mind to the magic of thought and her heart to the possibilities of love and happiness.

The simplicity and the innocence of her character wishes to share this hopeful attitude and spread the message of endurance and optimism.

She wants you to know that miracles do happen but only if you believe in them and yourself. It’s the nostalgia behind the adoration of all the beautiful moments of her imagination.


Photography: Avin Chhabra,  Concept & styling: Parneet Kaur,  Model: Rupani Sharma

Makeup & hair: Nikita


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