Wills Lifestyle: Autumn/Winter 2011: Runway Report

Fashion week is the time of the year when the entire industry comes to a common ground to appreciate and support each other’s hard work and also their love for fashion. With a total of 70 plus designers showcasing their talent and skills with an attention to design being of utmost significance put up brilliantness for fall/winter 2011. The air is a mixture of some hectically running around nervous people along with the others decked up in all glam socializing and expanding their existing wardrobes with newer and current pieces. The exhausting days usually end with rejoice where everyone forgets the long period of struggle and celebrates success.

I have happened to be a part of this event on the day three and trust me; some shows were just a treat to the eyes. Bringing to you, my experience and the runway reports of the shows that I personally viewed and were my favorites.


Texture was the anthem of the collection. Clean cut, stiff silhouettes with clusters full of surface embroideries were the crux of the collection. These architectural pieces had a colour palette ranging from black and greys to neon and colourful surfaces. It was a perfect blend for colour and texture using zips, sequins etc. The detailing and surface seemed twirly worm inspired inter- twined with one another. One of my personal favorites was the jumpsuit and the dress set in manly woolen fabric and the structured moss dress. The collection also included some flowing dress in bright colours again with the same texturing. The ‘death by bacteria’ collection stood true to its name deadly.


They are absolutely my favorites; they stand true to my blog ‘the London look’. It was quirky, edgy, and eclectic all the things one need to have to make this collection stand out. One of the most exciting element of the collection where the unique shoes, they were easy and very effective. The colour palette was the usual winter drab but the duo added a dash of red to make their details more visible. The silhouettes were a well-designed combination between structured and slouchy. The wide legged pants and drop crotches blended smartly with well-constructed and 3D tops made the collection very distinctive. The cuts in the back designed soo aesthetically fitted perfectly and added the much needed sexiness to the collection. My favorite piece was hard to select, but it was surely the dungarees. I think this has been the duo’s signature piece this year; they had an exciting summer version as well. Another piece that has been stuck to my mind are the drop crotch button pants. The drape was simply marvelous. This kitschy collection indeed had an artistic and creative approach.


The Dior’s 40’s silhouette made a comeback this fall winter 2011 with Atsu’s collection. The collection was dark but with a whole bag of luxury. The rich fabrics and the heavy antique tone on tone sequins gave the collection the under stated glamour. The colour palette included the dark mysterious colours with hints of rich orchids, forest greens, brick reds and deep blues to bring out the delicate contrast. The silhouettes included peplum jackets, hourglass shaped body hugging dresses, pencil skirts and long trails. The fabric selection was true to the luxury the designer wanted to portray ranging from satins to velvets to lace. The detailing was feminine but well tailored, like the obi belts used to cinch the waist, artificial stand alone collars or just the royal draped sleeves in sheer fabrics. One of my favorites was one of the last pieces, the structured jacket with the long trail skirt. The collection was simply sophisticated, wearable but with the right amount of glam.!


Unconventional pieces or wearable pieces of art that is how I would describe the collection. It felt like runways of paris where all the drama and art was being displayed. The collection had a wooden finish with well balanced and well crafted structural detailing. The construction was meticulous and seemed like beautiful sculptures walking down the runway. The gears used had bold detailing like buckles, straps, collars and not to forget the intricate interlacing seen in a few pieces. The colour palette displayed had various shades of wood combined with some free flowing fabrics to offset and break the armour type appearance of the clothes. My favorite from this collection was the beautiful dress with the front slit in a shade of violet, it imbibed the inspiration but with the sensual drape. The collection made a true runway statement.

While at the Fashion week, i also observed the Delhi street style becoming more and more exciting: Lets have a look.



Text : By Parneet

Images courtesy Wills Lifestyle fashion page on facebook

  1. #1 by batrablogs on April 16, 2011 - 7:12 pm

    Like seriously, such elaborate know-how about the texture, cloth, palette, pattern, style.
    My, my, news of the Kaur Kollection being launched does not seem afar!
    Hit it lady. Rocking posts, each one. \m/
    P.S. : Alpana and Neeraj is NOT wearable. 😛 😛

    • #2 by styleinsight on April 17, 2011 - 3:12 am

      Haha…yeah…its not wearable…they are wearable pieces of ART..!…and thanks for all the appreciation..:)..keep reading..!

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