‘Gyptaage’: A Design Collection

‘GYPTAAGE’ is collection very special to me. it was my first ever collection fully conceptualized, illustrated and designed independently.Hope you guys enjoy it, as much as i cherish it.

‘GYPTAAGE’ is a mesh of the gypsy fashions of the 1970s and the antique vintage fashions that can be seen from the period of 1920s through to the 80s.This collection illustrates a feeling that every woman has faced at some point in her life. The feeling of power that comes through the sheer confidence and arrogance of being attired fabulously.

Women’s frustration and the anger of being treated like mere puppets infused with their desire to crawl out of the alive but not so alive world. Men could depict their power through words and conquests, and since women could only express themselves through their attire which was their identity, so did their frustation.The vintage, in this collection, demonstrates the class and the luxury, the status quo that needs to be maintained.This can be seen with the use of quality assured and the luxurious taste in fabrics and trims like silk, feathers, lace, crochet, hats, tux style jackets, high collars inspired from the vintage times.

While some aspects of their conformity to society and their positions is captured by the vintage, the other elements, i.e. the gypsy style demonstrates the women that choose to rebel. It captures the attitude of traveling,wandering and a thirst of wanting to find one’s own destiny and hence proving to be of some worth. This feeling is expressed by adding the sort of grungy look with rope like belts, tassel and beads hangings, rough earthy fabrics and techniques like interlacing making the feeling of being captured prominent. The colour palette is in earthy tones and blacks intuned with the overall feeling of luxury and being rooted and raw.


Illustration one:The Grunge Mistress

The eclectic throwing together of hippie ish skirt, ruffled details and fringes.

Period Inspiration Reference

Illustration Two: The Rustic Traveller 

The sheer gutsiness of personal conviction makes the style inspiring. The play of textures run the ensemble from sheer to seriously outrageous the key feature being the chunky intersperse of deep colours with the crochet surfaces adding a dash of luxury.

Period Inspiration Reference 

Illustration Three: The Eclectic Beauty

The opportunity to revisit the rich & romantic story reinvented with a hint of grungy element. It evokes some romantic feminity with surface ruffles and burnt red crochet detailing having a dignity of a movie costume but at the same time slowly moving away from the vintage austerity and dismantling itself to unleash the rebellious, bold and fun side.

Period Inspiration Reference

Illustration Four: The Gallant Doll

Dressing involves an enticing melting pot of influences, from lush fabrics favored by the princely, to the silhouettes of the eclectic hippies all leavened with a dash of Kiera Knightly’s political and yet demure doll figure of the duchess. One needs a fashionista divas ransom to pull off the attire.

Period Inspiration Reference

Gyptaage is a freeing style statement. It is the way in which women rebel while acknowledging the rules of the society. It’s an attitude of knowing and acknowledging the rules and then consciously choosing to break them.

Inspiration images: fashion era

content, illustration, design and moodboard: Parneet

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