Fashion Reporter: Label: ‘Bodice’ by Ruchika Sachdeva

Who could imagine human body and anatomy could be an inspiration for designing clothes. Who said that only mechanics could work with

machines and metal? Who said that unconventional materials are only for avant garde clothes? Well even if some one said so, this young promising designer has all the ways to prove them wrong.

In the inspirational streets of Hauz Khas village that houses several designer boutiques, this young designer has her warm little studio. The beautiful garden and the historic architecture that one can see from the studios’ window, is indeed breathtaking.

The freshness and calmness on one side, along with the buzzing boutiques on the other, is just the perfect setting that one needs to come up with innovative and creative ideas.

The place is well equipped; the table where we sit has heaps of books and sketchpads with lots of interesting stationary. Stationed on the other side is the dress form that catches attention, it has some intense experimentation taking place. This is the latest spring summer collection that is trying to derive its direction.

 Ruchika is quite secretive about this collection, where she does  not disclose the use of a secret unconventional material that  she plans to experiment with.

But what all we know is that her  upcoming collection, just like her earlier one (where she used  metal extensively) is also going to be slightly unusual but yet  quite wearable. Striking this phenomenal balance, where the  clothes are unique and innovative without screaming and  catching over the top attention is her aim.

She says, her colour pallete would include earthy and mysterious colours along with tailoring being a strong feature. Structure and Androgyny are two elements that she calls as her signature style.

                                                                                   (Image courtesy wearabout.wordpress)

‘The way I dress, is the way I design’ she says, and you will always see her dressed in interesting detailed pants with impeccable shirts and a distinctive neck piece. Just to break it and add the androgynous element, her constructive jackets add that unusual quirkiness.

She desires to make formal clothing more casual, and to change the mindset of people who think formal attire can be boring. The gap in the market and the lack of designers that experiment with structure motivated her to take up the challenge. ‘New materials and New things inspire me’ she says therefore she enjoys playing with material and texture to add three dimensionality to her creations for example the use of buckles to create the spine on the back of a jacket, which she had showcased in her last collection.

Sitting in this studio, looking at all the beautiful books made me wonder what drives her and what would be her inspiration. She looks up laughs and answers; “London had made all the difference in my life”.

The designer studied in London College of fashion, where besides the college learning, she got exposed to the various sub cultures, art, museums and street style that is prevalent in the city. She says ‘it opened my world. No one is born creative, the more you see, the more you learn’ and this journey through the years made her see the seriousness in the fashion of London.

She remarks  ‘ London has given me enough inspiration to last a few years, and once I run out of it, I shall go and travel more’.


Coming down to how her journey in the world of fashion began. She is one of the few confident young professionals, who started her own label ‘Bodice’ so early in her life.

Just as she was graduating, she realized the urge to start her own label; she was driven by a different school of thought, which advocates “learn from your own mistakes and not from others”. On further probing she laughed and admitted ‘ I know, it’s not the smartest idea, but I nevertheless wanted to take this risk’. The Gen- Ex came to her at the right time, and gave her designing career a jump-start.


She is young and restless, and has taken up    designing for several other buyers and  designers as freelance. She hopes to expand  her team soon, and wants to open a new  studio where she will display her collection.  Currently, the designer sells online  via“fashion and you” and through some  stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

She has already been featured in several  magazines like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar as  well as several blogs. She is very modest and  humble when she says,‘ I just want to  provide people with good clothes’ and  hopes to come up with a diffusion line and  expand into menswear so that I can cater to  all audiences with a variety at hand.”

(Elle Magazine- One to watch)

(Priyanka Chopra wears Jacket from Ruchika’s collection- Harper’s Bazaar, March Issue)

She wishes to give the youth of today a message, a message that says experiment. She says, don’t go by the trend: be individual. Clothes are a powerful statement that reflect one’s personality, She substantiates this with an example—the street style on London that uses fashion as a tool to revolt in regard to sub-cultures such as punk and mod.

She truly believes in breaking the rules and the power of making a statement.

The interview ended with a rapid fire round, where she gave us a preview to some of her favorites for example—she chooses style over trends, London fashion week over new York, dreams versus reality and money and fame in equal parts. Her favorite quote being: Life is too short to blend in by YSL.

Some of her all time favorites include Junya Watanabe, Martin margiela, Rei Kawakubo, Aitor Throup, Alber Elbaz, Alexander McQueen…. The Doors, Moby, Radiohead, Eddie Vedder, Beatles & Sinatra.

                                                                   THE  LOOKBOOK

She concludes by saying, ‘it gives me a high, when you can be a

motivating factor and inspire others’.

  1. #1 by Shoppingaholic on November 27, 2011 - 12:35 am

    I really like her structured pants. But the only thinking I tremble at for these designer pieces are that they are too expensive to be easily seen in everyday life but shows, stars and socialites. Wish her the best

  2. #2 by Pritu on November 30, 2011 - 12:09 pm

    It’s really a nice article and good compilation of iconic styles that fashion industry has witnessed during the 20th century.

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