Star Treatment at Fashion Weeks

The fashion weeks are a destination for the fashion lovers, fashion seekers, fashion cultivators and fashion starers. This is the one stop destination for all your bi-annual fashion dosage. From shows to celebrities to parties, it’s a week full of drama and excitement.   But where there are celebrities and VIP’s there has to be some spectacular arrangements to please them during this mayhem. The lounges at the fashion weeks usually solve this purpose and have become more and more spectacular over the years. Every year, innovative themes and concepts are laid to design and make these lounges comfortable.

This year at New York fashion week, it was amazing to see the interiors and the services these lounges provided.

One such example was the lounge by Diane Von Furstenberg. She launched her new home collection, this season and showcased her talent by dressing one of the star lounges. 

An amazing concept for a launch, where you give    your clients, designers, celebrities, and Mercedes  Benz owners a treatment and experience they will    never forget. It was decorated with accessories,  furniture, fabrics and rugs from her collection, she  has worked on this lounge to create a luxurious  environment and a perfect place for everyone to  come and relax in between shows. The Mercedes  Benz Star Lounge serves as one of the debut  initiatives for the DVF home brand.

Her signature style remaining true to her bold iconic  prints and vibrant colours, provided this lounge  with an eclectic environment. Guests can relax, eat,  drink and mingle in this beautiful space.


Talking more about DVF home as a brand, it is a full comprehensive line of cutlery, bed sheets, table linen, duvet, bake ware etc. catering to an audience that likes to experiment in terms of print, colours and shape. The USP of her line is that it is mix and match, wherein it’s not essential to have everything as a set. All prints are yet different but when put together they still work and complete the look. DVF Home Collection designs are available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. Besides this, Diane Von Furstenberg also caters to ready-to-wear, swimwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, luggage, accessories and DVF by H. Stern fine jewelry watches.

Shop this collection at:

To know more about ‘Ready to wear home’

Another look out feature, of the New York fashion week this fall of 2011 has been the return of the American express skybox. 

This lounge provides access for American express card members. It is an elevated hideaway for fashion lovers to experience the shows with the luxury of sitting and relaxing in a lounge. Complete with all sorts of refreshments, drinks and other necessary pampering one can be sure to enjoy the shows without having to run from one destination to another.

The glass windows provide full-length views of the shows and in between the shows the members can mingle with a who’s who in the industry, while gaining expert tips and insights from the talks and interviews with some of fashion’s leading voices from people within the industry.

Interview With Tim Gunn & Annabel Tollman

American Express also connected with the fashion lovers everywhere, who could not be present for the shows by providing them with an access to all of this season’s best Skybox moments through an innovative and engaging multimedia experience.The American Express Skybox Report offered unique insights into what’s happening in and around the tents at Lincoln Center from the exclusive lounge high above the runway, with authentic content that offers an inside-look at some of fashion’s biggest names. Find these insiders on

The pampering doesn’t stop here, American express gave a premiere day of fashion during the fashion week. Beginning with the salon in Bergdorf Goodman wherein members received a lavish treatment by hair and makeup experts. Beyond this, once you hit the skybox, urban zen a community started by donna karan (founded to raise awareness and create optimal healing experiences by combining both Eastern and Western practices) gave therapy sessions. These sessions included body scans, messages with essential oils and reiki to reduce stress and anxiety.

With all these facilities, this is surely a one of a kind experience. The hectic fashion weeks for industry professionals can now be relaxing affair with still being able to collect the required details and information.

To know more:

Fashion weeks are becoming more and more innovative where designers besides their collections contribute to the event by offering unique experiences. From interesting visual displays to installations to lounges, one can breathe in the air of creativity during fashion weeks.


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