The ever evolving indian sari

The sari is a traditional attire but at the same time, it is also one of the most fashionable outfits. The sari is also considered to be a versatile Indian garment as its draping possibilities are endless. Being just a single yardage there is a scope of immense innovation.

This attire can cover the entire body and can make any woman look glamorous. From skinny to plump to overly plump they all seem to wear it with their personalized touch. It has the capability to preserve the Indian woman modesty and at the same time when worn with a stylish blouse or by changing the drape it can reveal your bold and sexy side.

Initially there were just a few traditional ways in which the sari could be worn like the Marathi style, Gujarati style, Bengali style etc. But now draping has taken to a whole new level, where the younger generation tries to vary them and add an individualistic sense to their grandmother’s saris.


Gujarati style: Mysore style: Tamil style sari drapes

Indian women like to hang on to their tradition and culture and this is the reason that the sari is still worn and will be worn in the future. Many new techniques in terms of fabrics, embroideries have been used over the past. Heavy Silks and stiffer fabrics were the choice of the earlier generations but now it’s shifted to more flowy fabrics like Georgette and chiffon since they tend to fall beautifully against the body hence, making one look slimmer.

Heavy silks Vs light Georgette

Today Indian audience have the courage to wear the sari proudly and are open to change, therefore designers are liberated to begin creating designs and experimenting– because they now have an audience. Ethnic motifs are transformed into modern patterns through the skill and expertise of expert fashion designers giving the sari a modern look.

This observation has made Indian and international designers onto creating their own unique versions of this adaptable piece of cloth. Indian designers like Gaurav Gupta, Tarun Tahliani, Sabhyasachi, Shantanu & Nikhil, Anand Kabra, Masaba Gupta, shrivan Narresh are a few who experiment with the yardage and make it distinctive. The style mantra of the day is to look traditional, but not in the conventional way. The complicated drapery or exclusive digital prints is an effort to make the six-meter yardage transform into a contemporary style statement.

Sabhyasachi: Shantanu & Nikhil

Tarun Tahliani

Tarun Tahliani

Anand Kabra

Masaba Gupta: shrivan Narresh

The youth tends to follow western trends and outlook and seeks for easier and exclusive options even when it comes to Indian wear. The time consumption and further the thought of managing the sari is indeed a set back for many women to try the option. Keeping this in mind, there are now pre stitched and ready to wear styles that capture the untapped market. Indian designer Nida Mehmood also recommends that one can drape their sari over leggings or jeggings instead of the usual petticoat and wear it with jersey tops for a modern-day feel.

Nida Mehmood

This innovation creates change and opportunity, where there is an increasingly multicultural clientele showcasing our traditional garment at various international events and runways. Various international designers like Hermes, john Galliano, Louis vuitton, Alexander McQueen etc. have taken to the sari as an inspiration in some way or the other.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2008 : Armani Couture 2007
Hermes S/S 2008

John Galliano S/S 2003

Previously, there have been Women from other countries who have shown immense interest in Indian Saris like Liz Hurley, Nicole Scherzinger, Katherine Heigl, Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathway, Victoria Beckham and many others. They have supported the sari with grace; which is indeed a proud feeling.

Angelina Jolie: Elizabeth Hurley

Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray and Love

Madonna: Victoria Beckham

Katherine Heigl: Anna Hathway

The pussycat Dolls

Just by adding interesting accessories, draping the sari creatively, and adding some unique distinctions in fabric and technique, a whole new category has been unlocked and the scope of innovation and experimentation is still immense.

  1. #1 by Vithal Mittal on May 12, 2011 - 7:18 am

    Highly enjoyed this piece on the Indian Sari. ! Keep up the good work..

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