Speaking chic to power

Power turns many heads and powerful people inspire many others, that is the whole deal with power, but this power didn’t come so easily to women. Women have struggled immensely through societal issues and revolutions to reach a point where they are accepted and are considered responsible to deal with power and its side effects.

But amidst all the revolutions there stood fashion, it has the strength to make what a person is saying more or less believable. Even in the earlier days, fashion represented the changing times; it brought out the feelings of rebelliousness or acceptance to the various events. Like 60’s emancipation of women led to mini skirts, bikinis and shorter clothes as compared to the 50’s house wifey midi length dresses.

 Similarly, just as women compete neck to neck with men, they have to look powerful in order to play the part; this symbolism through fashion is women’s strongest weapon today.

Independent women of today influence my thought, desires and the sense of style .It expresses who they are and furthermore how they wished to be perceived.

For example, wear a jacket with a power shoulders and tell me you don’t feel strong like a power puff girl, ready to rule and save the world.

This form of power dressing, expresses their inner goals and their leadership qualities making them seem authoritative and competent . Be it puffed shoulders, pencil skirts, blazers, various kinds of pants, today’s women have learnt to make old boring clothes really stylish. some accessories, belts on jackets, stylish prints on sheath dresses or simply newer surface and silhouette styles makes these women stand out and look stylish even at work. The term ” dress to success” fits right in and perfectly.

There is something different about these independent women: from their attire to their attitude to their confidence, it all screams identity and stature. The circle of life where women have to play various roles, they now have to keep the demure  figure inside but depict their strong authoritative self in order to be taken seriously at the workplace.

The blend of the feminine sexuality and the bold strong persona is the hardest to achieve. Infact I have always noticed, powerful women look noticeably attractive without revealing skin or wearing sexy clothes.  Notice these strong women, be it politicians or the first leaders, the royalty or the fashion leaders like Anna wintour, they rise to power because they have found a way to navigate the style issue, which is a tricky balance to strike. I will take you thorough a journey of such women and how they influence fashion and the new art of dressing androgynously. 

Lets take examples from friction before we move on to the real world. Many television shows and their characters depict such fearless women, who rule the world of politics, businesses and even men.

Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

I am sure everyone remembers and admires Miranda priestly, in the devil wears Prada. Her impact character, her chic and influential personality, her ruthless what she wants is what she gets nature and her impeccable style statement designates her as the devil and the ruler.

Anna Wintour,Editor In chief- American Vogue

An example of such caliber from real life would be of Anna Wintour, Editor of the American Vogue. Infact what many of us don’t know is that, Miranda Priestley’s character seems to be inspired from an experience of being Anna’s assistant by Lauren Weisberger (writer of ‘The devil wears prada’).

In the world of fashion, these women are the leaders and their word is gospel, so they are enshrined as the most powerful women in the industry. Let me show you Anna’s influence on the world. Fur was a last season commodity once upon a time, no one wore it and it had been long since someone bought it, suddenly this woman in 2009 displays fur jackets on the cover of vogue. Offcourse, it was back with a bang, flooded the fashion scene and since then there is no looking back. This woman can flip the industry and decide what the world will wear and what the designers will showcase on the runway and what the mass producers will sell, its just fabulous…!

Lets see how fashion made them even stronger personalities. Their strong white hair, Anna’s bold move to wear large dark sunglasses while Miranda’s signature white Hermes scarf are a fashion quirk that indeed make them both stand out. Women don’t really have to dress in navy suits to command respect; fashion is more like a detail or a flourish that can enhance or distract. Today there are several ways of catching the right kind of powerful attention.

Nico, Wendy and Victory: Power dressing in The Lipstick Jungle

Another Tv show that catches my eye and portrays powerful women is lipstick jungle. The style of dressing of each of these successful women, is an addition to their power.

Three women, Three different jobs, and three immaculate styles of dressing. From slightly flirty, to conservative to power dressing with bold accessories. There are certainly many ways. This is what the series shows us.!

Lady Gaga

 Always subtle wins…. lady gaga proves this statement Wrong, making it to power with her own pop signature style.

By embracing pop art fashion, quirky eccentric looks she made it to number two on forbes list of most powerful women in 3 years of her music career. Its not only the avant garde fashion that she is popular for, its her elaborate performances and sartorial experimentation that create visual impressions for todays age of viral marketing. There is always something interesting to talk about that excites media, fans, followers, and not to forget the royalty. She seems to be fearless, she is fearless on stage, when she opens her mouth and when she makes appearances in strong inspirational costumes. All this effort by her and the ‘haus of gaga’ gets her on to the front pages.

Madame Coco Chanel

Another woman who revolutionized and turned heads was Madame Coco Chanel. Her clothing style embodied much more than appearance and it also contained a message about women, their freedom, equality and ability to express themselves through dress. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen the movie ‘Coco Avant Chanel’.

She forced the acceptance of more ‘masculine’ designs and set a precedent for the coming of women’s liberation.

She started the pants revolution, and her simplistic and fluid style of clothes (trousers, pullovers, sailor jackets) represented an alternative style of dressing that women embraced over the years. Another achievement was the chanel No.5. The perfume signified the change in the fragrance market not only in terms of the name but also with the simplistic bottle design, rare to find at that time. And obviously we cannot forget the chanel suit, every woman wants to own a version of this timeless classic. 

Lets move beyond fashion to the serious world of politics, which is still a man- dominated area. Women still are struggling hard to make place and thus they don’t want to come across as frivolous and fashion conscious empty heads. They decline to talk about fashion and their choices that they make unless they make it to a position that is well accepted or unless they are first ladies. But at the same time you don’t want to be one those many women dressed in black pant suits, therefore its very important to create your subtle style statement for identity sakes. Political women believe that the business strong suits are a nod to the fact that their feminity spells of danger for their political credibility. But that’s not always true; there have been bold women in politics as well who have taken chances of dressing to create identity.

Margaret Thatcher: Former Conservative Prime Minister of UK: 1979 to 1990

Margaret Thatcher was a politician whose style choices were much talked about. Thatcher used the power of fashion to her advantage and never made a public appearance without looking anything other than immaculate. Not only was she on (or ahead) of trend with her power suits and perfectly coiffed hair, she also managed to send out an unmistakably businesslike image to the world. It is clear that her while her political legacy divided opinions, her fashion legacy is still lauded, having been photographed for Vogue several times and as recently as last year, aged eighty-two.

Sarah Palin:American politician, commentator and author

Similarly Sarah Palin, however, sent American fashionistas into a frenzy during the presidential elections with her patent red pumps and rimless glasses – people that may have ignored politics previously were made to sit up and take notice of a woman who was not afraid to show her femininity.

Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady in 1961

Remember, Jacqueline Kennedy, the American first lady of the 60’s. She took over the mainstream fashion of the time and she became famous for her fashion forward style of dressing. Clean silhouettes, A-line dresses and deco millinery (pillbox hat) became her trademarks and the ‘jackie look’ took over the fashion world like wildfire. Even the dark sunglasses and headscarves she wore in the grieving period of her husband’s death became a style statement. Therefore, this proves that political women can also show their power through the right selection of clothes.

Michelle Obama: American First Lady of the 44th president of United States

 Also another star is Michelle Obama, fashion icon and powerful women list winner. She is one women who knows how to dress, she will be and look a part of the American nation and promote sales of several brand because of her style statement. The lady being so comfortable in her fashion skin that she mixes high-end designer and high street labels with ease- with clothing from designer thakoon to J crew and from Calvin klein to gap; besides her signature gobstopper pearls, big belts and tailored sheath dresses, she doesn’t stop experimenting with other looks and her charm and strong personality makes them work like a charm even in the field of politics.

Amelia Earhart: American aviation pioneer

Besides TV stars, fashion personalities, poiliticans, there are other pioneering women. Women like Amelia earhart who took the bold step and made a mark in history proving that women can be at par with men. 

P.S…sorry guys for posting after soo long.!..Wont happen again..:)


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