Style Yourself..VINTAGE..!


“Each skirt, blouse, necklace, or humble shoe said something – certain pieces screamed, and others whispered seductively, but no matter, she experienced each item’s expression keenly, and she loved this world.Every article suggested an image, a life, a kind of woman, and she felt drawn to them.” This is an image of a woman who adores her materialistic possessions: UNIQUE, TIMELESS AND VINTAGE.

How often you cribbed when your mother gave you her old clothing from her young days and expected you to wear it.??

How you made a face and stacked them in some corner of your closet thinking ‘ how boring and out of style’ are these clothes. But think again, for many these old, boring clothes might be a “ collectors item”.

You must have heard the quote “old is gold” : and for a classic item like a LBD, many would also say “you can never be under dressed or over dressed in a little black dress”. So girls think again, all handed over and passed on clothing might not be too bad. You can always wear it even now and flaunt it as vintage fashion.

Famous people and their unique LBD's

Women all over the world spend million of dollars to buy these passed on old clothes and this habit of possessing old clothing has opened a new genre into the fashion world called ‘vintage clothing’.

 ‘But what exactly is Vintage Clothing’..????….Well the answer is quite simple….

Vintage is clothing, that is atleast 25 years old.

Now you would wonder, why would someone want to wear old clothing, which are out of trend?

Wearing vintage provides an opportunity to sport beautifully crafted clothes that are individualistic and are a unique piece of history. The best part being you stand out in prints and silhouettes that are no longer made these days. It is not about trends therefore, it has a long lasting appeal.

Another Question that comes to our minds is..Why Vintage came up and became so popular..??

Yesteryear’s classic items going through a modern day revival set place for old to be appreciated. For example the timeless chanel suit, the classic Audrey Hepburn lbd, the 40’s dior look with the peplum silhouette, all these are indeed items that never go out of style and these can be passed on from one generation to another and be worn without any tweaking.

The Chanel Suit & The New look by Dior

 But in todays world, where making a statement and dressing unique is the trend, all these vintage clothes need is a little bit of your own style and a personal touch.

 “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.”

It is also these vintage influences from the past that you see in today’s fashion trends. For examples the 40’s being in vogue or a mix of 60’s and 70’s . Year after year, its these influences that build the fashion for our generation.

Sixties inspiration in todays times

So in other words we all wear modern contemporary vintage clothes. And wearing vintage does not always have to be expensive, just some vintage inspired can also do the trick. Many brands these days, like free people, Modcloth, Ruche sell imitation vintage clothes.

You don’t have to wear vintage from top to bottom, you can definitely pair it up with your modern finds and make a modern day style statement.

Vintage dressing has also made popular by various celebrities like kate moss and sienna miller and stylists like Rachel zoe, these women have influenced fashion philosophies of various other women. Every year on the catwalks, you see vintage inspired or brands that have devoted their life to everything vintage.This is because, the love for vintage is growing and so are its followers.

Many brands and magazines, year after year choose Vintage as their inspiration. And every year they manage to style Vintage in an interesting way. Here is one of the shoots I styled keeping the Vintage theme in mind for the Gloria Magazine.

Another Advertisement shot by luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few have used Vintage as inspiration recently.

Vintage inspired street style is also gaining popularity. Lets talk about a few tips and tricks on Styling Yourself Vintage..!

How to do vintage:

Vintage finds could range from plaid woolen blazers, loafers, crochet and brocade jackets, flapper dresses and so on so fourth. You can always add your own quirk to these pieces.

For example, a classic black cocktail dress worn with a nice sharp blazer paired with contrasting heels or a beautiful silk vintage blouse worn with leather high waist shorts or palazzo pants and incase of a chanel tweed skirt surely try breaking it with a short biker jacket.

And incase you want to be vintage inspired, combine classic hand crafted elements like crochet, delicate lace, detailed embroidery , tweed, ruffles and puffed sleeves, luxurious fabrics like silk and velvets and other classic silhouettes like pencil skirts, long straight coats etc.


Do’s & Don’ts of Vintage:

  1. There is a way to wear vintage and a way for vintage to wear you. Remember to keep your personal style in mind. Don’t make vintage a costume, wear it piece by piece and let the emphasis remain.
  2. Use the stylish celebrities of the past eras to inspire your look. Take a look back at Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. They were always glamorous and chic.
  3. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Finding the perfect vintage piece for your style is all about you. Go with what you love.

Accessorizing your vintage:

Go loud. Large Statement necklace, gold broach or chandelier earings, they all can make your vintage clothes shine. Hats are another way of going back a few centuries. This is also an opportunity to wear a feminine dress or floral blouse. And if you have chosen one of those big fancy vintage hats, make sure to keep the rest simple. Pair it up, with a nice blazer, skinny jeans and knee high can also Style yourself vintage, with sunglasses. Choose a unique pair and make it center stage (avoid heavy eye makeup) but if want that extra classiness, a red stained lip can be perfect. It adds a retro/pin up inspired look.

During old times, these clothes represented  the elegance, craftsmanship and the glamour but now people appreciate them because their interest in contemporary design.

Collecting and buying vintage fashion can be a great way of investing money. Its like property (but for fashion lovers), that one would buy and get double returns later.

Today’s Contemporary designers are being inspired by the fashion archives and are taking full advantage of this obsession by translating long forgotten designs into modern pieces and resurrecting dormant fashion houses.

Today’s new is tomorrow’s history, therefore if one can classify items that will have that vintage eminence in the future, you can really invest in the right kind of clothing and own a few futures’ collectibles.

Vintage is all about embracing your personal style in things of own and pieces you love, rather than being dictated by the current runway trends. So girls, get started and embrace Vintage.

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