Taking your Midi Skirt from Summer to Winter..

We all have seen Midi skirts flooding the summer of 2015, from runways to celebrities to retail. The skirt made a come back this summer after being showcased briefly in 2012 by a few designers on the runways. The Midi has always received varied and complementing reviews from fashionistas and stylists. Some absolutely love it and some loath it. Well I belong to the first category, and i love its potential. One trend that anyone of any size and shape can wear if styled in the right way. Oh and yes..not to forget in any season. Most of us live live in cities with a brief summer season which we all love and we tend to buy a lot of summer clothes as they are super fun. But after summer goes away, it is an added stress when it comes to storing them, that is the time when you regret making all those stylish short term trendy purchases. Well I too find it hard to do the summer/winter cleaning, i have taken over several closets and still don’t find the space to keep it all in order. So now i try..yes ..only try (the temptation gives in many times)..to buy clothes that i will be able to wear both seasons. So lets see how you can style your Midi Skirt that you wore in the summer and are  now thinking “lets wear it a couple of more times now..before the winter kicks in”.

Dont worry girls..keep the skirt in your winter pile of clothes..!

The varied Lengths

we have heard many say, the Midi makes your calves look chunky as it cuts you off right at the chunkiest part. Well there is no denying to that, but there are several different lengths and styles available and you can really choose what works best for you. And incase, you love the one that cuts you off in the calves..don’t worry ..even then there are ways to make it work.

24EC37A300000578-2920786-image-m-3_1421880536760 azz33395_black_default_xl

     The Long Midi

white-blouse-peach-midi-skirt-522x1024 Striped-midi-skirt-black-white

The Short Midi

wear a short leather jacket n boots MainItemBoxSizeNEW.001_7b3d6375-35d4-4598-965e-b21aeb73ef4f_grande

The Mid-length

Who said, Midi is for the ultra tall. I am petite and yet i love this trend. Girls break the norms, experiment with it and you’ll make it work. Let me give you a few tips on how can petite girls wear this trend in winter.

Match your stockings with your shoes…This solves two dilemmas ..firstly your calves don’t look as chunky anymore and secondly the monochrome adds height. One another thing you can do is, choose a pump with your stockings, i personally love the pump, the ‘V’ totally works if you’re short. Try it for yourself, wear a peep toe in one foot and a pump in the other.

19706e06ceb1304ba48f358a42995f9d_lewqf61 Black-checkerboard-skirt-denim-top

9732db5852bf8e0339b23c583447fcdc Leather-Midi-Skirt-Winter-Outfit

    Monochrome it…stocking and shoes


The Winter Hues..!

To take your midi from summer to winter, you can add winter colours in your top option or in your accessories. This totally works and takes your summer outfit to winter. You’ll always see certain typical colours ruling the winter season such as Tan, Mustard, Maroon/Ox blood, Greys, Olive green (you’ll always find tints and tones of these colours in every season forecast). Add these colours in your bag, top, coat or even your shoes. Dark lips such as berry and currant also work.

    Here is how you add winter shades with your summer skirt..!

0104 a7f2da71f8f40c51098c9bae28d7e29d_1_p0bxfv11


main.original.585x0 tumblr_mzkwhnr9xj1qkv30do1_500


I am personally a big fan of wearing sweaters with skirts. I  usually wear my summer pieces by combining them with pullover or cardigans in the winter. They really work with Midi skirts. If you’re tall, go ahead and wear your turtle necks and chunky knits and if you’re petite pick options that stick closer to your body, you can even try ribbed wearers, short cardigans and cropped sweater styles. Also tall girls, also have the option of leaving your sweater out but as for petite girls, i would suggest them tucked into your skirt. Sometimes, even adding a belt over your untucked sweater (on your waist,to add definition) can work.But hey..this is not a hard and fast rule..Have fun with it.. Its about how you pull it off.!

2816f9b7316862de52719e8cb08fd583_kexayd1 a1137996bc8f40a6c83c7ee39ddb6804_quv7bk11

hbz-street-style-pfwss14-md s2101086_cindy_14.10.14_mc_75248_a_1_1




Wear the New Fur trend…

The winter season always brings fur back in trend. This season its the Fur clutch and fur scarf. This can instantly bring a winter feel to a not so winter outfit.See how this can work.

whitemidiskirt_17  wear a fur clutch

The Fur clutch

tumblr_n5c55li6qr1qkv30do1_500 c591af535fe05304c4ae7df09096fa01_nlq8sc1

wear it with a fur stole

The Fur Scarf

The magic of layering..

You can do this in so many ways and each time you can make a piece of clothing look different. When it comes to your midi, wear with a sweater with a shirt under it or with a cardigan and a coat or even with a pullover and a blazer. But my favourite is the leather jacket. The mix of the feminine with a rugged biker jacket works well for girls who don’t like the frills and cardigans. It also adds that modern vibe to the classic midi.

213b7a98e56e5702e8a79d5692eae137 c1532aec4e8b9ce3b9da6d6005a00164_hwvpae1


main.original.585x0Sarah Rutson at Stella McCartney



Plaids and checks in winter colours and winter fabrics can also be worn with for winter midi. Add both these classics together for a great look. There are a variety of checked shirts and blazers available with badges and even beautiful gold accessories or even studs. Choose the one closest to your style and wear it with your summer skirt.

Plaid-midi-skirt-outfit-640x960 tumblr_n0pkmwtkso1qkv30do1_500


Quick and easy accessories….

Lastly…Dont forget your accessories! knew high boots, scarves and hats can all transform that summer look to a winter look. Wear your scarves in different ways or even like a turban wrapped on your head. Knee high boots are a quick way to achieve this transition, i really like the new elasticated panel knee high boots, they cling well onto your legs and avoid them from looking bulky. Even great for petite girls who wish to wear long boots.

 1244f40d1c7e1a6196d6e4c59ebbf7d9_sicvvk1 tumblr_ngym7xcugv1qkv30do1_500


                                                                             The Knee high boots




  Hats and Scarves

Girls…just remember Midi is not just for your grandma..you can wear and style it in a unique and modern way. Just enjoy experimenting with it. Until next time…toddles..!


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