Touched By Technology : The power of SMARTclothing


Our lives are slowly turning into a virtual world (Umm..quite similar to an advanced video game, don’t you think??) and everything around us is transforming itself into the digital format. From grocery shopping to clothes shopping to shoe shopping  to all other things. Its all click click and click ! With a click you can enter into a new world which is a place created specially for you and you get lost into that virtual world replacing your real world reality for a short period of time. Starting with the internet technology  and moving on to Personalisation options, virtual reality, augmented reality and now the internet of things have made this possible. In our daily lives, we use many digital gadgets which are at the forefront of all our everyday activities. Several products such as google glass, apple watches and various kinds of fit bands have taken to this technological development and have started the trend of wearable technology. But did we ever think that it could go beyond this, even transcend into our clothes.

Our existing fashion schools are known for imparting the best techniques of garment design and construction. Our biggest fashion legends have established fashion houses making beautiful clothes with fabric and embellishment. But is it really time, when tech freaks enter this side of the creative world as well ?? Like every other industry that they have touched, they have touched the world fashion too, transforming clothes into digital pieces of style. Lets go on this journey further and see how has technology been impacting the world of fashion and how it is changing the eminent fashion industry.

“You’re starting to see a displacement of the money spent on fashion – clothes, accessories and shoes – to money spent on smartphones,” said Stéphane Marceau, co-founder of Canadian startup OM Signal


k-dress_gray-600x600_1_cropped_3Cutecircuit hasn’t replaced the tradition of beautiful garments; they have kept the legacy but at the same time incorporated technology to make the clothes light up. Beautiful silk dresess, pleated with ancient methods by artisans adding the tech element of lights that can make you shine along with a chance to experience something new..!

Cutecircuit makes garments that involve sensors and smart fabrics to make clothing that can do all sorts of fun things. Katy Perry insisted to wear their unusual piece at the Met Gala that made fashion news. Everyone wanted a light up dress !The popularity of this dress eventually led the designers to do some commercial designs.

 Katy Perry in Cute Circuit at the Met Gala

Katy Perry in Cute Circuit at the Met Gala

Nothing is complete without the involvement of social media. You must be wondering how.! Cute circuit made a couture twitter dress that has live tweets running on it in real time basis. It was modeled by Nicole Scherzinger on the red carpet- she totally rocked it and made a fashion statement. Look at where our future is taking us…soon marketers will be able to advertise on clothing with such technology.


And this is not all, this brand actually did an entire collection on interactive clothing that can change colours, display tweets, change patterns and designs and yeah best of all, it can be controlled via an app on your phone. Their collection has been shown and appreciated at many fashion weeks around the world.

What I really admire about this designer duo is that, they didn’t stop.They came up with the idea a decade ago when the concept seemed like a mere fiction but they had the foresightedness to understand the market, trend and consumer behavior. They believed in their vision and made it happen and the world accepts it today because times have changed and we are induced with the techno virus in our veins and blood stream.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 04.32.04 pm

Besides the lights and the runway glam of fashion tech, we have other garments that help people look and feel better. We have seen plenty of fitbands from designer versions to sports versions; lets see how clothes can make you monitor your health. We are talking about clothing with sensors that monitors your movement and in some cases even corrects your posture incase you are doing something wrong with your workout regime.And off course you can wash all these clothes and they are wireless ..haha just sayin..! As the technology goes smarter and smaller, designers can push boundaries further..the possibilities are endless.

Lets see some good looking smart clothes that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Many brands now make such clothing for athletes and fitness freaks. Heddoko like many others mentioned below lets you analyse the results via an app on your phone. This garment and the app is special because it literally acts like your personal instructor, giving you real time feedback on your posture to avoid injury. Similar performance trackable biometric gear is available by OM (, Athos (, Gymi (, clothing+ (,Xsensio (,AIQ smart clothing.The clothes have several sensors which are linked mostly to a wifi device that collects all your data while you workout which you can analyze via the app on your phone. Some of them have odor control and moisture control abilities. You can measure your heart rate, repetitions, number of sets, blood pressure, body temperate, muscle stretch and some can even tell you when you’re dehydrated. And you know..some of these are even used by hospitals (clothing+) to monitor a patients heart rate…truly amazing.

Watch these amazing videos and be tempted to get one of your own…

Now moving ahead, Imagine this scenario:

“A women get in a pub. She is wearing her Love-shirt. Her phone starts to viber. In this pub, a profile is matching. Who is making her phone viber? Curiosity, doubt, impatience, fear, ambiguity…. Technology can stop there. The user can choose to not meet her match. She can also try to find who is the matching profile guy. Only the person who wants can reveal who he is.”

Check out the r-shirt website to know more.. they do interesting shirts for office and even a ‘safe shirt’ that can help you track your child at all times and off course the Loveshirt..Oh la la..!

So, smart clothing is not only limited to fun and leisure. This one will really amaze you..!

Cancer Detection Clothing..

You can detect your cancer, pneumonia and you can also get scans of your body..just like an MRI. Wear the clothes and scan yourself with the app, its as simple as that. Oh yes and they are raising money for the cause, so if you wish to contribute, go and visit their Its tried and tested and awaiting the patent.

Okay the next one, is pretty cool as well ..just like all the others…

Mommies and their crying babies..sleepless nights..anxiety…frustration and tired parents of new born babies…isn’t this is the worst part about having a baby. Well not anymore…Smart Clothing acting like baby monitors but way more advanced.

Have a look at a few options available for babies…

The clothes have a small device that can track your babies movements, sleeping pattern, eating pattern, temperature alert and many other things that youre worried about; all via an app on your phone. Now parents of new borns can sleep in peace. Look out for clothing by Exmobaby, sensible baby, owlet baby, Mon devices…check these out if you’re struggling as well.

Let me quickly take you through a few other amazing smart clothing items available out there.

The amazing jacket by Tommy Hilfiger. Keeps you warm and your phone charged at all times. The jacket has solar panels on the back which are removable. So charge away and stay more dying batteries.


Can you imagine clothes that can conduct electricity? well after going through this post, im sure you can..You can charge your phone, light a torch and many other things just while walking. No more batteries and plug in points. CaseMad is made this possible by making clothing out of fabric that help in electricity generation through movement called Triboelectricity (current created by friction).Energy is passed throughout a cycle and its never ending., so your smart clothing transfers this energy into the device.

Can you talk to anyone without your phone? what a stupid question it this, off course not, right..??

But now you can. CaseMad can make this possible too. Imagine shirt buttons as buttons of your phone, click the buttons to call and speak into the collar or raise your cuff to talk to another person. Dial by tapping on your cuff with button controls in your shorts.Place the sim card in a compartment and simply pair it up with the device in your shirt, all enabled through wifi.

Some more interesting future gadgets are ghost keyboards, smart jackets with screens, fitness trackers in your sneakers and much more.

And Lastly, guess what? Google has ventured in smart clothing too, they know how to stay ahead. Google in coordination with Levis is working on ‘project Jacquard’ to create woven fabrics using smart threads. The button sized computers will allow communication with the mobile phone and users can control their interaction through their phone by swiping their hands across the fabric.

‘Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms,’ said Google.

This a perfect way to end this blog..until next time..Keep reading.. >>>

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