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Touched By Technology : The power of SMARTclothing


Our lives are slowly turning into a virtual world (Umm..quite similar to an advanced video game, don’t you think??) and everything around us is transforming itself into the digital format. From grocery shopping to clothes shopping to shoe shopping  to all other things. Its all click click and click ! With a click you can enter into a new world which is a place created specially for you and you get lost into that virtual world replacing your real world reality for a short period of time. Starting with the internet technology  and moving on to Personalisation options, virtual reality, augmented reality and now the internet of things have made this possible. In our daily lives, we use many digital gadgets which are at the forefront of all our everyday activities. Several products such as google glass, apple watches and various kinds of fit bands have taken to this technological development and have started the trend of wearable technology. But did we ever think that it could go beyond this, even transcend into our clothes.

Our existing fashion schools are known for imparting the best techniques of garment design and construction. Our biggest fashion legends have established fashion houses making beautiful clothes with fabric and embellishment. But is it really time, when tech freaks enter this side of the creative world as well ?? Like every other industry that they have touched, they have touched the world fashion too, transforming clothes into digital pieces of style. Lets go on this journey further and see how has technology been impacting the world of fashion and how it is changing the eminent fashion industry.

“You’re starting to see a displacement of the money spent on fashion – clothes, accessories and shoes – to money spent on smartphones,” said Stéphane Marceau, co-founder of Canadian startup OM Signal


k-dress_gray-600x600_1_cropped_3Cutecircuit hasn’t replaced the tradition of beautiful garments; they have kept the legacy but at the same time incorporated technology to make the clothes light up. Beautiful silk dresess, pleated with ancient methods by artisans adding the tech element of lights that can make you shine along with a chance to experience something new..!

Cutecircuit makes garments that involve sensors and smart fabrics to make clothing that can do all sorts of fun things. Katy Perry insisted to wear their unusual piece at the Met Gala that made fashion news. Everyone wanted a light up dress !The popularity of this dress eventually led the designers to do some commercial designs.

 Katy Perry in Cute Circuit at the Met Gala

Katy Perry in Cute Circuit at the Met Gala

Nothing is complete without the involvement of social media. You must be wondering how.! Cute circuit made a couture twitter dress that has live tweets running on it in real time basis. It was modeled by Nicole Scherzinger on the red carpet- she totally rocked it and made a fashion statement. Look at where our future is taking us…soon marketers will be able to advertise on clothing with such technology.


And this is not all, this brand actually did an entire collection on interactive clothing that can change colours, display tweets, change patterns and designs and yeah best of all, it can be controlled via an app on your phone. Their collection has been shown and appreciated at many fashion weeks around the world.

What I really admire about this designer duo is that, they didn’t stop.They came up with the idea a decade ago when the concept seemed like a mere fiction but they had the foresightedness to understand the market, trend and consumer behavior. They believed in their vision and made it happen and the world accepts it today because times have changed and we are induced with the techno virus in our veins and blood stream.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 04.32.04 pm

Besides the lights and the runway glam of fashion tech, we have other garments that help people look and feel better. We have seen plenty of fitbands from designer versions to sports versions; lets see how clothes can make you monitor your health. We are talking about clothing with sensors that monitors your movement and in some cases even corrects your posture incase you are doing something wrong with your workout regime.And off course you can wash all these clothes and they are wireless ..haha just sayin..! As the technology goes smarter and smaller, designers can push boundaries further..the possibilities are endless.

Lets see some good looking smart clothes that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Many brands now make such clothing for athletes and fitness freaks. Heddoko like many others mentioned below lets you analyse the results via an app on your phone. This garment and the app is special because it literally acts like your personal instructor, giving you real time feedback on your posture to avoid injury. Similar performance trackable biometric gear is available by OM (, Athos (, Gymi (, clothing+ (,Xsensio (,AIQ smart clothing.The clothes have several sensors which are linked mostly to a wifi device that collects all your data while you workout which you can analyze via the app on your phone. Some of them have odor control and moisture control abilities. You can measure your heart rate, repetitions, number of sets, blood pressure, body temperate, muscle stretch and some can even tell you when you’re dehydrated. And you know..some of these are even used by hospitals (clothing+) to monitor a patients heart rate…truly amazing.

Watch these amazing videos and be tempted to get one of your own…

Now moving ahead, Imagine this scenario:

“A women get in a pub. She is wearing her Love-shirt. Her phone starts to viber. In this pub, a profile is matching. Who is making her phone viber? Curiosity, doubt, impatience, fear, ambiguity…. Technology can stop there. The user can choose to not meet her match. She can also try to find who is the matching profile guy. Only the person who wants can reveal who he is.”

Check out the r-shirt website to know more.. they do interesting shirts for office and even a ‘safe shirt’ that can help you track your child at all times and off course the Loveshirt..Oh la la..!

So, smart clothing is not only limited to fun and leisure. This one will really amaze you..!

Cancer Detection Clothing..

You can detect your cancer, pneumonia and you can also get scans of your body..just like an MRI. Wear the clothes and scan yourself with the app, its as simple as that. Oh yes and they are raising money for the cause, so if you wish to contribute, go and visit their Its tried and tested and awaiting the patent.

Okay the next one, is pretty cool as well ..just like all the others…

Mommies and their crying babies..sleepless nights..anxiety…frustration and tired parents of new born babies…isn’t this is the worst part about having a baby. Well not anymore…Smart Clothing acting like baby monitors but way more advanced.

Have a look at a few options available for babies…

The clothes have a small device that can track your babies movements, sleeping pattern, eating pattern, temperature alert and many other things that youre worried about; all via an app on your phone. Now parents of new borns can sleep in peace. Look out for clothing by Exmobaby, sensible baby, owlet baby, Mon devices…check these out if you’re struggling as well.

Let me quickly take you through a few other amazing smart clothing items available out there.

The amazing jacket by Tommy Hilfiger. Keeps you warm and your phone charged at all times. The jacket has solar panels on the back which are removable. So charge away and stay more dying batteries.


Can you imagine clothes that can conduct electricity? well after going through this post, im sure you can..You can charge your phone, light a torch and many other things just while walking. No more batteries and plug in points. CaseMad is made this possible by making clothing out of fabric that help in electricity generation through movement called Triboelectricity (current created by friction).Energy is passed throughout a cycle and its never ending., so your smart clothing transfers this energy into the device.

Can you talk to anyone without your phone? what a stupid question it this, off course not, right..??

But now you can. CaseMad can make this possible too. Imagine shirt buttons as buttons of your phone, click the buttons to call and speak into the collar or raise your cuff to talk to another person. Dial by tapping on your cuff with button controls in your shorts.Place the sim card in a compartment and simply pair it up with the device in your shirt, all enabled through wifi.

Some more interesting future gadgets are ghost keyboards, smart jackets with screens, fitness trackers in your sneakers and much more.

And Lastly, guess what? Google has ventured in smart clothing too, they know how to stay ahead. Google in coordination with Levis is working on ‘project Jacquard’ to create woven fabrics using smart threads. The button sized computers will allow communication with the mobile phone and users can control their interaction through their phone by swiping their hands across the fabric.

‘Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms,’ said Google.

This a perfect way to end this blog..until next time..Keep reading.. >>>


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Taking your Midi Skirt from Summer to Winter..

We all have seen Midi skirts flooding the summer of 2015, from runways to celebrities to retail. The skirt made a come back this summer after being showcased briefly in 2012 by a few designers on the runways. The Midi has always received varied and complementing reviews from fashionistas and stylists. Some absolutely love it and some loath it. Well I belong to the first category, and i love its potential. One trend that anyone of any size and shape can wear if styled in the right way. Oh and yes..not to forget in any season. Most of us live live in cities with a brief summer season which we all love and we tend to buy a lot of summer clothes as they are super fun. But after summer goes away, it is an added stress when it comes to storing them, that is the time when you regret making all those stylish short term trendy purchases. Well I too find it hard to do the summer/winter cleaning, i have taken over several closets and still don’t find the space to keep it all in order. So now i try..yes ..only try (the temptation gives in many times) buy clothes that i will be able to wear both seasons. So lets see how you can style your Midi Skirt that you wore in the summer and are  now thinking “lets wear it a couple of more times now..before the winter kicks in”.

Dont worry girls..keep the skirt in your winter pile of clothes..!

The varied Lengths

we have heard many say, the Midi makes your calves look chunky as it cuts you off right at the chunkiest part. Well there is no denying to that, but there are several different lengths and styles available and you can really choose what works best for you. And incase, you love the one that cuts you off in the calves..don’t worry ..even then there are ways to make it work.

24EC37A300000578-2920786-image-m-3_1421880536760 azz33395_black_default_xl

     The Long Midi

white-blouse-peach-midi-skirt-522x1024 Striped-midi-skirt-black-white

The Short Midi

wear a short leather jacket n boots MainItemBoxSizeNEW.001_7b3d6375-35d4-4598-965e-b21aeb73ef4f_grande

The Mid-length

Who said, Midi is for the ultra tall. I am petite and yet i love this trend. Girls break the norms, experiment with it and you’ll make it work. Let me give you a few tips on how can petite girls wear this trend in winter.

Match your stockings with your shoes…This solves two dilemmas ..firstly your calves don’t look as chunky anymore and secondly the monochrome adds height. One another thing you can do is, choose a pump with your stockings, i personally love the pump, the ‘V’ totally works if you’re short. Try it for yourself, wear a peep toe in one foot and a pump in the other.

19706e06ceb1304ba48f358a42995f9d_lewqf61 Black-checkerboard-skirt-denim-top

9732db5852bf8e0339b23c583447fcdc Leather-Midi-Skirt-Winter-Outfit

    Monochrome it…stocking and shoes


The Winter Hues..!

To take your midi from summer to winter, you can add winter colours in your top option or in your accessories. This totally works and takes your summer outfit to winter. You’ll always see certain typical colours ruling the winter season such as Tan, Mustard, Maroon/Ox blood, Greys, Olive green (you’ll always find tints and tones of these colours in every season forecast). Add these colours in your bag, top, coat or even your shoes. Dark lips such as berry and currant also work.

    Here is how you add winter shades with your summer skirt..!

0104 a7f2da71f8f40c51098c9bae28d7e29d_1_p0bxfv11


main.original.585x0 tumblr_mzkwhnr9xj1qkv30do1_500


I am personally a big fan of wearing sweaters with skirts. I  usually wear my summer pieces by combining them with pullover or cardigans in the winter. They really work with Midi skirts. If you’re tall, go ahead and wear your turtle necks and chunky knits and if you’re petite pick options that stick closer to your body, you can even try ribbed wearers, short cardigans and cropped sweater styles. Also tall girls, also have the option of leaving your sweater out but as for petite girls, i would suggest them tucked into your skirt. Sometimes, even adding a belt over your untucked sweater (on your waist,to add definition) can work.But hey..this is not a hard and fast rule..Have fun with it.. Its about how you pull it off.!

2816f9b7316862de52719e8cb08fd583_kexayd1 a1137996bc8f40a6c83c7ee39ddb6804_quv7bk11

hbz-street-style-pfwss14-md s2101086_cindy_14.10.14_mc_75248_a_1_1




Wear the New Fur trend…

The winter season always brings fur back in trend. This season its the Fur clutch and fur scarf. This can instantly bring a winter feel to a not so winter outfit.See how this can work.

whitemidiskirt_17  wear a fur clutch

The Fur clutch

tumblr_n5c55li6qr1qkv30do1_500 c591af535fe05304c4ae7df09096fa01_nlq8sc1

wear it with a fur stole

The Fur Scarf

The magic of layering..

You can do this in so many ways and each time you can make a piece of clothing look different. When it comes to your midi, wear with a sweater with a shirt under it or with a cardigan and a coat or even with a pullover and a blazer. But my favourite is the leather jacket. The mix of the feminine with a rugged biker jacket works well for girls who don’t like the frills and cardigans. It also adds that modern vibe to the classic midi.

213b7a98e56e5702e8a79d5692eae137 c1532aec4e8b9ce3b9da6d6005a00164_hwvpae1


main.original.585x0Sarah Rutson at Stella McCartney



Plaids and checks in winter colours and winter fabrics can also be worn with for winter midi. Add both these classics together for a great look. There are a variety of checked shirts and blazers available with badges and even beautiful gold accessories or even studs. Choose the one closest to your style and wear it with your summer skirt.

Plaid-midi-skirt-outfit-640x960 tumblr_n0pkmwtkso1qkv30do1_500


Quick and easy accessories….

Lastly…Dont forget your accessories! knew high boots, scarves and hats can all transform that summer look to a winter look. Wear your scarves in different ways or even like a turban wrapped on your head. Knee high boots are a quick way to achieve this transition, i really like the new elasticated panel knee high boots, they cling well onto your legs and avoid them from looking bulky. Even great for petite girls who wish to wear long boots.

 1244f40d1c7e1a6196d6e4c59ebbf7d9_sicvvk1 tumblr_ngym7xcugv1qkv30do1_500


                                                                             The Knee high boots




  Hats and Scarves

Girls…just remember Midi is not just for your can wear and style it in a unique and modern way. Just enjoy experimenting with it. Until next time…toddles..!

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Rippled all the way

Summer of 2011 brought us closer to new fun trend i.e. pleated skirts.Lets see the pleated trend forecast.

What inspired me  to research and write about this trend is a shoot that i came across in Marie Claire India. The beauty and elegance,the nude colours just took me to a fantasy world and my stylist brain urged to experiment and create more looks with this trend.

Look created by me for styling services at Select Citywalk:

Nude Pleated skirt: Mango
Coral top:Forever New

Pleats are flooding all over be it runway,celebrities or streets.Pleats are available in all colours, lengths and styles.Lets go deep in this rippled pleat world and help you discover your favorite kind of pleated skirt.

The Most famous kind of pleat this season is the knife pleat and the sunray pleats.Knife pleats are single pleats that all go in the same direction; sunray pleats are knife pleats that are cut to start smaller and get wider towards the bottom, creating a flared-out effect.

knife pleats seen at Christopher Kane show

Another most popular one being the Accordion pleat. This is the one being used on most of the maxi and mid length skirts.

Accordion Pleat skirt at Zara

The Maxi  is the length for the season,be it dresses or skirts, so don’t be afraid to stock up as they are likely to remain in trend for a while. For a statement piece, invest in a pleated maxi skirt in a sheer fabric..well yes combine the two trends together for that ultra romantic ethereal look.This is a trend that has early 20th century influences and a sense of elegance, or a contrasting sense of 70’s glamour.Choose lightweight fabrics like silk tulle, crepe,Georgette and chiffon and swish your skirt and have fun.

If you like it short and stiff, choose box pleats. The schoolgirl looking skirt is ideal with long boots or long socks.

Eva Mendes in a Stella McCartney box pleat skirt

Make your pleated skirts look distinctive by contrasting it with denim, leather,blazers or even jersey it  down or just a little bit of shimmer and spunk to dress it up.

I have picked items and created some looks for all the fashionistas out there who want to wear 
this trend with panache.

look 1:

This look centers around the Nude skirt and a special focus to the summer. Incorporating two main trends i.e. floral and nudes you can style your pleated skirt and walk around town. An addition to the look is the white summer blazer for the cool evening breeze or for those fashionistas who would love to travel with this look.

FOCUS: How to wear a blazer with your pleated skirt

Look 2:

PLeated skirts look great when worn with something rugged like denim, it breaks the feminity and works well for those women who are fans of androgynous dressing. Here, i have given options of the various denim silhouettes as well as three different accessory options. one can pick as per your style and personality.For those who like it simple wear the skirt with a classic denim shirt or jacket and for the ones who like it different try the skirt with cropped jackets or waistcoats.

FOCUS: How to wear Denim and pleats

Look 3:

This theme focuses on the giraffe print skirt and how one can wear the same skirt both in the day as well as night. Just by changing the accessories and the jacket you can walk out wearing the same skirt.For the day, i have used nude colours keeping summer in mind along with sweet floral scent and peach makeup shades to balance the harsh colour and print of the skirt. For the night, I have edged the look by using patent leather, studs and sequins along with the dark smoky palette for the eyes.

FOCUS: How to wear  your pleated in leather & military style

Look 4:

Fur frenzied..fur is another big trend for fall/winter 2011. wear the two big trends together in a subdued winter palette of brown, mustard and grey. These four different looks are individualistic in their own way.

In the first look is an ordinary striped  T-shirt (by now everyone must be possessing heaps) is used with a sheer pleated skirt and a white tie waist fur jacket that adds character to the look.

The second look is for those who like bling and shorter skirts. When the gold shimmer skirt is used with the fur vest and print, it an interesting element.

The third look is with a simple denim shirt .it is quite casual in itself but when used with fur and a silk pleated skirt, it looks over the top and innovative.

The fourth look is a short silk pleated skirt paired with a cream blouse and a fur vest. The look is quite achievable and tested for the non risk takers.

FOCUS: How to wear Fur with pleated skirts

Look 5:

Bohemian is my favorite look so i have created five looks with pleated skirts keeping a few boho elements.The floral prints, fringes, peasant blouses,feathers are all boho ingredients, when combined with pleated skirts they add a whole new flavor.The right kind of accessories like belt, shoes, bags and jewelry add to the look.

FOCUS:How to wear the boho trend with pleated skirts.

Other ways of wearing a pleated skirt

Color Blocking:

Pretty in pink with textures

Loose and dropped




Urban city chic

Casual T-shirt Day

Soo enjoy the ripples all through summer and winter, don’t be afraid to experiment..just follow a few looks created above and add your personal style for individuality. Hope it helps…

( For the items used in the look boards, view me on polyvore by clicking on the logo in the right side bar)

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As a continuation to my earlier blog ‘EXOTIC JUNKIES’ ..i present to you some more insight on the fashion trends to follow this spring summer. talking in depth about some of them, their origination and the life cycle.


The popular trend of spring summer 2011, drop crotch trousers or harem pants. These high and gathered waists, slouchy cut silhouettes have had their origin in India, on the same lines as the traditional salwar. Harem pants came to the west in mid 1800’s and American feminists like Amelia Bloomer adopted the comfortable look and called them ‘bloomers’. Daring women who didn’t want to wear skirts back then, the blousy bloomers symbolized freedom. Not only did they make a strong statement, but also women found them more attractive than any masculine alternative available at the time.

Bloomers by Amelia Bloomer (earliest forms of harem’s in the west)

Harem pants scored a fashion victory in 1911 when Parisian women started wearing the Eastern-inspired designs of couturier Paul Poiret, known for liberating women from the corset. His new discovery was called “jupe culotte”.

Paul Poiret’s initial ‘jupe culotte’ sketches

Paul Poiret’s actual versions of Harem’s

Yul Brynner brought the trousers to silver screen in the “The King and I” in 1956, but they didn’t appear in fashion for decades, until Yves Saint Laurent resurrected them in the 1970s.

Yul Brynner in ‘The King N I’ showcasing harem’s on silver screen

1970’s Harems in fashion Magazines & YSL harems

These harem pants were popularized again by Mc Hammar in the 80’s and thus came to be known as hammar pants. According to him they gave freedom for dancing, it accentuated movement and created a unique fashion statement. Critics considered it quite an unflattering trend of the time.

Mc Hammer in ‘Hammar Pants’ on stage

The style made a come back in 2009 where designers like temperley London ,chloe, just cavali, paul smith,Ralph Lauren,Derek lam,blumarine all constructed their versions of the harem pants. It was then that it gained popularity amongst masses and Macy’s; Net-a-porter and other brands housed a version of harem pants. It seemed like these were meant for the runway and everyone was awed by their look and construction, these draped trousers were eye catchy after a whole skinny jeans era. These were an anti fashion statement, you can either pull them off stylishly or if not you could look like a walking sac.


Blumarine                                                                           Chole

Chloe                                          Just Cavalli                          Paul Smith

Temperly London                                                      Ralph Lauren

The trend has transformed and it now comes back to us in 2011 in a more commercial and wearable form. By giving them a trouser style or fold on the bottom, experimentation with drapes, fabric and texture, these certainly appeal to a wide audience. High street Brands French connection, zara, asos, river island, forever 21,warehouse etc. and also designers like Gucci, Vivienne westwood, vera wang, DVF, Donna Karen, Zac posen, cavalli etc. have stayed true to the loose draped styles and re-done them for spring summer 2011.


High Street Brands

French Connection                                                             New Look

Zara                                                                        Topshop

Topshop                                                                   H&M

Designer Collections

Carolina Herrera                              Donna Karen                                   DVF

Gucci                          Just Cavalli                         Vivienne Westwood

Vera Wang                       Zac Posen                             Yves Saint Lauren

Mens Harems/Drop crotch trousers, Haider Ackermann, 2011

Sabah Khan ,India fashion week, 2011

For people, who are afraid to try the are few tips and tricks to make them work.

  1. Don’t choose harem pants that are too fussy or baggy in the middle divide, especially if you are short.
  2. Harem pants in light drapey fabrics are the most flattering. Try silk or cotton jersey.
  3. Set off the bagginess of the trouser with high-heels as these elongate the legs or alternatively some styles of harem pants can work with gladiator sandals.
  4. Stay slim on top to counter-balance the fullness of the pants. Wear fitted tops or a clean-cut shirt or blouse.
  5. Add a belt and jewellery to create drama for an evening look.
  6. Short jacket or an asymmetric style can be perfect to enhance your look. But make sure to keep it snug.

Try experimenting with various celebrity looks like:

Diane Kruger & Gwen Stefani

JLO & Kim Kardashian

There are a number of variations on the harem theme so keep trying until you find one that flatters your shape.


Jumpsuits: one might think, especially men that they are the most unflattering and figure concealing attire but fashion couturiers have proven this wrong. Once these overall’s were used as protective and shielding devices by skiers, racers, janitors, astronauts, skaters, skydivers etc. to accommodate machine age due to their convenience.

Jumpsuits for work

The garment was initially considered as unisex futuristic attire since it worn by sci-fi characters in movies and cartoon shows for e.g star wars therefore, like any other trend this it where it sparked. By the late 1960’s, jumpsuits reached the high fashion segment. While it was not yet socially acceptable for women to wear pants but jumpsuits were worn as active sport and work wear until the mid-1960s. These powerful experiences and images became key references in later fashion interpretations. From flight suits to movie costumes, to sport and performance uniforms all utilized the distinctive qualities of the one-piece design to enhance that activity or create a powerful visual effect.

Star Wars Si-Fi suits

Yes, its true that glamorous versions have been used earlier on stage by Elvis Presley,Mick jagger and also in the form of shiny catsuits by theatre and stage performers. In the 70’s, jumpsuits were dramatized and made flamboyant by Elvis Presley with styles like ‘chicken rib’, ‘Chinese dragon’, ‘Aloha eagle’, ‘ Black Spanish flower’ and many more.

Elvis Presley and his glamorous jumpsuits

After being absent for several years, the jumpsuit made a come back as a forerunner in spring/summer 2008 fashion trends and ever since then, it has been gaining popularity and climbing the fashion cycle. With celebs like Brooke Shields, Rihanna, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow,Selma Blair and designers like paul smith, Gucci, stella Mcartney, Alexander wang, Jeremy liang; showcasing the jumpsuit look on the runway and red carpets has been an inspiration for all to experiment with the look.

Celebs 2008, Come back of jumpsuits

Brooke Shields at Tony Awards-08          Rihanna                        Gwyneth Palthrow

Jumpsuits on Runway 2008

Paul Smith                                               Gucci                                    Stella Mcartney

Stella Mcartney                       Alexander Wang                         Jeremy Liang

Innovation has taken this simple garment to a next level; Drapes, texture, fabric, colours, lengths and other unimaginable details have made jumpsuits adaptable for every body type and occasion. One can choose from a lavish satin and silk drape for an evening or red carpet to simple denim or a cotton print for a day lunch. This trend is hitting its peak this summer of 2011.


Casual jersey Jumpsuits

Floral Jumpsuits       Minimal jumpsuits     wide legged jumpsuits

The jumpsuit popped up on so many different spring runways it’s hard to keep track of all of their appearances. High street brands, designers, stylists, celebrities are all wearing their favorite picks. Few popular ones being, H & M, zara, New look, frech connection, mango, in the high street fashion category and Ayesha deepala, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul khanna, Atsu Sekhose, Malini Ramani, pankaj and NIdhi in Indian designers category and Roberto cavalli, Donna Karen, D&G, DVF, Elie Saab, Gucci, Marchesa, YSL amongst the international designers category.

High Fashion Bramds, 2011

H&M                                 All saints                                    Monsoon

French Connection                     Mango                              Newlook

Indian Designers,india Fashion week, 2011

Atsu Sekhose            Pankaj & Nidhi       Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

Rajesh Pratap                      Malini Ramani

International Fashion weeks, 2011

Alexander wang                           Roberto Cavalli                                  D & G

DKNY                                              DVF                                               Ellie Saab

Jean Paul Gaultier                                                                  Gucci

Just Cavalli                                    Lanvin                               Marc by Marc Jacobs

Yves Saint Lauren                                                            Marchesa

We can choose between various styles mainly:

  1. Overalls in several fabrics denim, jersey, cotton, linen etc.wear it with a belt or with a cropped jacket or with a boy friend blazer or just with platform heels for the day.
  2. Evening with complicated detailing like drapes, tucks, belts and with fabric choices ranging from chiffons and georgettes to satins.
  3. Tailored to wear to work and look serious in crisper sharper fabrics and dress it up with accessories perfect for an evening out after work.
  4. Loose and flowy ones are a good way to beat the heat. Choose from floral prints, to whites to wide legged to viscose jersey stripes.
  5. Sporty can be from a playsuit to tubes to zips to hoodies to simple short jerseys. Team it with knee high socks and sneakers or just wear it casually with flip-flops for a shopping day.

To understand how to work with jumpsuits, use celebs as reference:

Celebs and their styles

Beyonce                             Chloe Sevigny                        Diana Vickers

Vera Wang                                  Tyra Banks                        stylist- Rachel Zoe

Play them up or play them down its totally upto you, own this versatile item of clothing and enjoy wearing it in many different ways. It’s a must have purchase and you wont regret it.






Guys soo enjoy this bright splash of colour in your wardrobe be it accessories, bags, shoes and have fun this summer with this vibrant trend.

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In this complicated world where people are puzzled towho they are really are andwho they want to be, there comes another barrier of identifying yourself and with your orientation. With varied choices of orientations becoming normal and acceptable with due consent of marriage; people have keenly adopted confused and versatile forms of lifestyle. This might be a menace for society but it has been a radical innovation for fashion. The metrosexual and the androgyny style of dressing is a result of the openness and acceptance of such cultures. The androgynous style in particular catches my attention, this unisex style has its presence since thirty years and has been experimented by copying styles of musicians like boy George,Michal Jackson and celebrities like Katherine Moenning to name a few. 

Katherine Moenning : Michael Jackson : Boy George

Our fashion has always been influenced and has cultivated its way upwards with the success of films and their stars. The characters instigate the first seed of the trends and styles and their popularization over years depicts its growth and acceptance. And like another, androgyny also sparked off on the same lines.Beginning from movies that celebrate sexual confusion like ‘phantom ofthe paradise’ where males played Most of the female temptresses and others , like Annie hall where Diane Keaton popularized the look of female resembling a male. Sex and the City’s most recent movie shows again the fashion that elevates the power of women with a range of gorgeous styles to suit all tastes. Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker wears an androgynous style outfit that highlights the popularity of this style in fashion to hit the streets either at work or play.



Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the City

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall : Charlie in ‘Charlie & the chocolate factory’

Back in the days, when women were compelled to fight the war,women started wearing trousers and the concept slighty emerged, followed by Madame Coco Channel who rebelliously broke all norms and dressed androgynous. Her structured and tailored style of a skirt with a masculine jacket in tweeds changed the existing mindset and brought androgyny another step closer. You can see her masculine feminine style in the movie ‘Coco Avant Channel’.

Coco Chanel

Audrey Tatou as chanel in‘Coco avant chanel’

Another androgynous icon is queen of the air Amelia Earhart, she rode solo over the Atlantic’s in 1930’s and her fashion was masculine as her profession. She clad in leather jackets, silk ties, and slim trousers, the tomboy ushered in an era of independence for women which was until then confined to corsets and sitting rooms. She was the first to step into men’s shoes and pioneer the skies and also the aviators look. She also took to designing a line of active-wear long before celebrity fashion design was a popular phenomenon. She has been an inspiration for many designers and stylists like Hermes (2009 Autumn/winter collection) and Flavia de Oliveira’s shoot in Elle spain celebrating the rugged masculine style.

Amelia Earhart

Aviator look inspired from Amelia Earhart & Hermes A/W 2009

Flavia de Oliveira’s shoot in Elle spain

Many other designers, photographers, stylists have been inspired by the trend and created their own versions of artistic masterpieces. For more inspiration you can also check out, Paul smith autumn/winter 2006 collection, Hugo boss fall/winter 2010 advertisement campaign and celebrities like Victoria Beckham for Harper’s bazaar, Amanda Peet and Kate Bosworth at current new York fashion week.

Hugo Boss Fall/winter 2010 campaign

Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Bosworth and Amanda Peet at New York Fashion Week

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2006 collection

For women androgynous fashion is a boon, one can look sharp and confident, hence they can be taken more seriously and appear independent.Androgyny for women does not literally mean suits; one can go very versatile with the trend. For example, leather jackets, trench coats, biker boots, ties to add that masculinity. The boyfriend blazer teamed with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, leather jacket with a lace top or ruffles with jeans and biker boots or a well-tailored dress in a manly fabric with pinstripes, plaids or tweeds can all be modern androgynous fashion. Traditional and other ways of achieving the look can include women cropping their hair, power dressingin suits, adding male accessories like hats with brims, boots and loafers, tuxedo style jackets and vests.

For men, androgyny comes harder; there is a thin line between men dressing unisex and looking feminine. Androgynous fashion for men originated way back in the 17th century where men’s clothing had several similarities with women clothing like lace trims, embroideries and other details. But this faded away slowly and is now making a subtle come back. These days, men have various options when it comes to adopting this trend like draped trousers, bootcut pants, t shirts with cowls,skinny jeans and other intricate detailing: all these are a way of adding some feminity to men’s clothing. Other ways can be, keeping long hair like Michael Jackson, men’s kilts, harem pants, use of softer and printed fabrics, using pastel colours, asymmetry are all means of bringing androgyny back to men’s fashion.

Womens and mens trends are unisexual like this season, it is pop colour trousers,cartoon and animated graphics on tee’s, brogues, loafers, drop crotch trousers, loose and draped silouhettes, blazers,scarves and many such others.

Few Androgynous Looks:

So guys ..try and experiment with this unisex style of fashion and discover a whole new interesting approach to dressing. You can look powerful, sophisticated, confident or just extremely stylish and iconic amongst your friends and colleagues.


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